The Cambodian islands are now a popular stop on the backpacker trail of South East Asia. Waste management, water/sanitation and healthcare systems/services are almost non-existent, and the growing population is placing a great strain on the island’s existing resources.

In conjunction with local beneficiaries, businesses, other NGOs and the government, we seek to improve existing infrastructure, help protect the health of the local community and the environment, and to assist our beneficiaries to develop their skills and capabilities.

Business Management

Many of our beneficiaries are running a business for themselves for the first time in their lives.

Community Infrastructure

Waste Management and Recycling
We assist in the management of waste, supporting a crew of cleaners to deal with the daily realities of disposing of the rubbish generated by the locals and visitors of Koh Rong.
Moving forward, a community garden is being planned in the village of Koh Tuch. As well as helping families to eat better and save money, this will also give them the opportunity to learn more about growing their own food and give them the opportunity to sell excess vegetables and herbs to businesses on the island.