Established in 2013, Friends of Koh Rong exists to help the local communities on the Koh Rong archipelago adapt to the tourism industry that is changing their way of life forever.

Located two hours off the coast of mainland Cambodia, Koh Rong and its neighbouring islands were for many years considered to be a hidden gem. Now firmly part of the backpacker trail around South-East Asia, Koh Rong is set for major development, with the Cambodian Government having granted a 99 year lease over much of the island to a conglomerate.

Friends of Koh Rong seeks to aide our beneficiaries to stand in the best possible position to benefit from the changes that have come to their island. Our main areas of focus are education and community capacity development. To learn more about our organisation, explore our website, check out our Facebook and Instagram accounts, or get in contact. We’re a friendly bunch, we swear!

VISION: Friends of Koh Rong envisions a world where all young people can grow up safe, happy and healthy, striving to create successful futures for themselves.

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MISSION: To bridge the gap between local culture and the increasing tourism by harnessing and developing skills and knowledge.

VALUES: FoKRs core values help to shape and prioritize the work we do on a daily basis.

Equality – equal educational opportunities for all locals, regardless of nationality, race, or religion (Cham community and foreign expatriates)

Dignity– treatment of each individual beneficiary, staff member and volunteer with dignity, respecting their privacy and free will to make their own choices

Transparency– promote an open sharing space amongst community members and other organisations sharing a similar mission

Sustainability – support local initiatives and include local members in projects, meetings and future planning


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