Hello my name is Teacher Bross. I want to share¬†some information on one of FoKR’s English classes, the Buffalo 1 class. It is the highest class level here and there are some great activities that this class participates in. From Monday to Friday they study English, but they also study other topics to gain more skills and more knowledge. In order to pass the class, the students have to go through: seminar and speaking marathon, sentence building and grammar tests, and group presentations.


So now let’s get to know what these activities are! Seminar means to do a presentation, but the students only get one topic the day before presenting, so they are prepared with a general knowledge of that topic. For example, we recently discussed, “Why should we keep the beaches on Koh Rong clean?” The teacher needs 20 minutes to explain the topic in detail, then the students can work with a group in order to get more ideas. The next day they come up to do the presentation. This has been a great way for them to gain confidence while speaking English, and work well in teams.

Now let’s talk about the speaking marathon! This means to speak for 5 to 7 minutes with a partner about anything that they want to talk about, but in English, and make sure not to stop speaking within that time. So this is some of the awesome activities and they are getting better and better at speaking and understanding English.