Thanks for your interest in talking to us.


Email is the easiest way to get in contact. The internet connection on the island has been known to drop out for a few days, so we ask for your patience when waiting for a reply.

For general enquiries, questions, donations or just to say hello, please contact:

For information regarding our volunteer program, please contact:

For information regarding fundraising, please contact:



Sometimes people want to post us donations in kind, which is very lovely of them. If you want to be one of these lovely people, it would be much appreciated if you got in contact to find out our greatest current needs. The Cambodian postal system can be quite unreliable, so we advise anyone wanting to send anything through the post to send it as registered mail. Our friends at the Koh Rong Travel Centre on the mainland accept deliveries on our behalf and ship them over to us on the island. Registered post can be sent to:

Friends of Koh Rong

c/o Koh Rong Travel Centre

Golden Lion Roundabout

Serendipity Beach Road