Access to medical care is something we sometimes take for granted. Many Cambodians do not have access to affordable, licensed healthcare and often avoid seeing a doctor in fear of the privatized costs involved. Although Friends of Koh Rong is now operating a small clinic, with one Khmer nurse, ¬†the island does not have any doctors to seek medical advice. Two weeks ago, doctors from ¬†Phnom Penh, volunteered their time and services to the Koh Tuch & M’pay Bay villages. They brought vitamins, toothbrushes, condoms and other medications and treated children, adults and elders.


Everyone was very appreciative of their visit and the vitamins and medicine they brought for all. Huge thanks to the group of doctors who chose to remain anonymous, and paid the island a visit out of the graciousness of wishing to share their knowledge with many villages around their country.