We need your help to continue helping the people of Koh Rong island.

The Friends of Koh Rong organization is a non-for-profit organization, in the midst of registering with the government of Cambodia. Therefore, whilst you will receive an email receipt, we cannot provide a tax receipt, as we do not have a registered charity number. By donating, you are contributing towards national registration, and several other projects.

If you wish to allocate your donation to a specific project, please select it below and we will ensure the money is spent accordingly.

On behalf of the Koh Tuch village and the FoKR organization – THANK YOU AND AKOON!

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Waste Management materials - Target: $500

- Fund the purchase of bags, gloves and bins for the village and beach.

NGO registration - Target: $1000

- Funding the legal and administrative web that is registering an NGO in Cambodia

Village Water Conservation Project - Target: $3000

- Fund advertising and awareness programs and the building of a new reservoir on the island.

Community Development Projects - Target: $1500

- Funding infrastructure and hospitality training workshops for locals.

School and toilet maintenance fees - Target: $1000

- Fund the purchase of books, supplies for the school and petrol to pump water.

Local Khmer staff salary - Target: $3000

- Funding the transition from a 100% volunteer run organisation to providing small wages for a local translator, our dedicated teachers & cleaners.

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