Since 1970, April 22nd has been an annual day to celebrate events that support the protection of our environment. Environmental education has become an important part of children’s education all over the world, teaching kids at a young age how to recycle and reuse materials, and to never litter. The FoKR students live on a breathtaking island among a unique landscape, so closely linked to their daily lives. The jungle, the waterfalls, and the ocean fulfill many basic needs for local people.The beach is where the children roam and play, and the variety of wild life and marine life are food and friends, that work along side locals in this tropical environment.
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This is why from day one, environmental education was instantly integrated into the curriculum. Every Saturday the children do a beach clean, either in the village surrounding their houses, or on a neighboring beach, which is often full of washed up waste from the mainland. Prior to the beach clean, the children will learn a new concept in environmental education, such as sustainable fishing, how to sort waste materials, or reusing the waste. After the clean, the students often participate in a recycled art project.
Earth Day this year, the teachers organized a day of recycled raft building, for a race that would take place from one pier to the next. The students collected and constructed the rafts out of polysteryn, bamboo, flip flops and all sorts of materials. Everyone enjoyed the exciting event, and learned how important, and useful it is to keep our earth clean.
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