As a small fledging organisation, Friends of Koh Rong relies on a dedicated band of volunteers around the world to keep our projects going. Each year we move closer towards becoming a more self-sustaining organisation, but we truly couldn’t exist without the work of our FoKR Ambassadors around the globe. This year we held our second annual FoKR month, with events held around the world to raise funds and awareness for our work. A HUGE thank you to all FoKR’s worldwide who organised, hosted or attended fundraiser events for FoKR day this year! Events were incredibly successful and FUN,  and the money raised will help ensure the continued success of the work being done on Koh Rong.


Bubble Soccer in Perth, Australia

Fundraiser events took place in Melbourne, Perth, Seoul, Toronto, Kamloops & LA, consisting of a variety of events from Wild West themes, jam sessions, art actions, bubble soccer and dance parties!


One of the amazing performers from the Melbourne, Australia ‘FUNKraiser’

In addition to one off events being held around the globe, the super talented Jessie Morris Band has been touring Australia and donating 50% of sales of their new album ‘Radiate the Positive’ to Friends of Koh Rong. Jesse is a past volunteer at FoKR and spread a lot of love with his music on Koh Rong. His continued support and dedication to the cause is truly heartwarming.

The Jesse Morris Band in action

The Jesse Morris Band in action

Without the dedication and hard work of FoKR Ambassadors worldwide Friends of Koh Rong would not be able to provide education and assistance within the community.  For more information on becoming an Ambassador for FokR, click here.


Getting down Wild West style in Toronto, Canada