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Hi Dear Bong Srey & Bong Bros,
My name is Cheng Reasmey. I’m an Operations Manger. Since I was living with the Friends of Koh Rong family I feel great because we have a good relationship within the team. We always share our experiences with the other staff and assistants. It has been nearly two months for me, living on the island. I have a lot of things to do with my responsibilities. First, I observe all classes to assess the students’ level. After that I’m preparing new lessons for my classes with kids and adults in reading, speaking, grammar and conversation. Now my students can improve their knowledge more than before. I’m so glad to hear them speaking more fluently. I joined a teacher training course with all FoKR members and learned so much more. Finally, I am happy to work and live with Friends of Koh Rong and I can improve my skills with teaching too.
Cheng Reaksmey

news chanrat

Hello everyone!
I am Chanthan, and I come from Kampong Cham province. I am here to support the FoKR office. I am pleased to work here because I want to see these local children have a bright future. To reach this goal, I need to work hard and be active with all my work. At the same time, I want all the children to actively be involved in the school. I want to be a role model in the community for the next generation. This way, they can be good students, who try hard to learn every day and night. I want the students to love their future, love their time, love their family, and avoid using drugs. Another goal is that I want all the guardians to cooperate with FoKR. All parents should tell their children the time that their children go to study. If possible, they should bring their children directly to the school, (for the small kids). Don’t wait until the teacher has to go collect them.

I am very excited to work in this community. Hopefully, our goals will be achieved.
With warm regards,