Without the support of FoKR Ambassadors in countries abroad, the organization would not be functioning for over two years now. Friends of Koh Rong is entirely grateful to all of these overseas friends for planning various fundraising events and campaigns. Donations will support our Khmer staff, their salary, food and accommodation, as well as purchase school and medical supplies.

A very close FoKR who lives on the neighboring island Koh Rong Samloem, planned a fundraising event while at home in the U.K, visiting her family. Together, Natt and her mother Jo, organized a night of live music and dancing. Thank you to the Hogg family and all involved for helping FoKR EDUCATE AN ISLAND!


After hearing the FoKR story from our Canadian founder, the Khmer community of Toronto invited FoKR to a festival, initially fundraising for their temple. Alongside Kelly, they sold used clothing, and all of the profits from this booth were donated to Friends of Koh Rong. It was exceptionally inspiring to receive help from other Khmers, whom many of them arrived by boat to Canada as a journey to freedom, escaping the tragedy of genocide. FoKR is honored to be working alongside Khmer’s abroad to slowly break the cycle of poverty in Cambodia.



















Finally, a huge heart-felt AKOON JARUN to the extremely talented, Harry Marshall, Alden Ching, and their stellar team of architects. Not only did the group of 14 fly themselves to the island to build the children a playground, but they led a fundraising campaign in the U.K to ensure adequate funds were set aside for construction. Harry even reached out to the musician Caribou, to request Koh Rong receives the massive art piece they were giving away in a contest. His letter was so well written, explaining the significance of the Playscape, with a fish as it’s mascot, that the creature was shipped to our remote island!