Happy International Human Rights Day from us here at Friends of Koh Rong! The day started off with a full house of children, all ready for action and whatever games we had ready to throw at them. The morning started well with awesome feedback from our new assistant, “I AM SO HAPPY”. Everyone was in good spirits and we were ready to celebrate the day together. Like always there was a lot going on in the house, children and teachers everywhere. Music playing; the kids singing and dancing, organisation taking place for the fun day ahead! We had so much planned for the day, volleyball, sack races, egg and spoon races, treasure hunts, singing with Te and repainting the tree in the Friends of Koh Rong house.

Our morning meeting finished and next thing you know it was all go from here, as Rhi (one of our volunteers) started organising the room to paint, cleaning the wall and removing the old fairy lights from the tree with Teacher Smey, Te had the children in the other room and they rehearsed and sang the song that

Te has most recently written “The Good Kids” about getting ready for school, greeting my parents a good morning, asking for 2000 riel and then walking to school holding my friends hands. The kids alongside Te sang along to this and to the already rehearsed and well known “We are the World”. One by one the students entered the kitchen/meeting area and splashed their hands with green paint; their hand prints were now going to be the leaves of the already existing tree in the room. Hand prints signify a lot in this world and show that we all come together, hand in hand, we are here to do this together. So what better way to give back than to put our children’s hands on the tree? Painting is always fun too, and never a safe idea, by the end of the activity everyone had a smear of green paint strung across their face or body at some point, no one was safe!


“From little things big things grow”. A constant reminder in the house that we have to start small for big things to happen. Next on our agenda for the day we headed outside to play some games and this is where the treasure hunt began. The children running from the pier all the way to the bridge to find the hidden secrets that Teacher Bross and Teacher Ranee had put together. Tourists curious to know what was going on and watching as the kids and teachers run around during the game. After this we headed onto the beach for relay races. We had hours of fun here on the beach, playing, laughing, watching as all surrounding us participated too.
After our beach activities we rounded up all the children and surrounding adults to head down to Monkey Island for some swimming time. We swam for a couple of hours, the children covering themselves in sand, diving on and off the nearby kayaks, swimming and wrestling with their teachers and friends.

We then headed back to the beach space between Friends of Koh Rong and Dream Catch Inn where we prepped the area for some night time fun; a bonfire. The staff from Dream Catch cleared the space and set up the fire pit and any unused wood in sight would be thrown onto the pit. Our fire started early and the staff started performing a fire show early in the evening so that all the children could sit on the steps of Dream Catch and watch their Teachers Bross and Te perform alongside all other locals who can spin fire. The kids in awe and enjoying themselves, as the activities had been nonstop. The fire burning out rapidly and the search for wood constant, just the fiery energies of the children who never burn out, no matter what they stay alight and always come across something or someone to fuel their ongoing energies…