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International Women’s Day is an opportunity to educate and inspire students around the world. At Star of the Sea College, an all girls school in Melbourne, it was a day to encourage the teenagers to believe in themselves, and to recognize they have the capacity to make great differences in this world. One of FoKR’s founding members, Eliza, was honored news- lyze2with an invitation to speak to the students at Star of the Sea College on Women’s Day. She told stories about life in the Koh Tuch village, and communicated the importance of travelling consciously and respectfully. Her experience as a Founder and Community Worker has forever changed her perspective. She explained at the assembly,  “I have learned how the small things we do each day can significantly change people’s lives!” The speech was well received, and inspired curiosity in many of the students to get out and explore the world. Several students expressed an interest in volunteering with FoKR in the future. A huge thank you to Star of the Sea College for inviting Eliza and Friends of Koh Rong into your school with open arms. We look forward to meeting some of these young graduates on the island!

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Teacher Lyza is an activist and enthusiast for educating children on current events and human rights.

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Teacher Lyza and Teacher Te teaching the children about the 2015 earthquake in Nepal.