“I would teach children music, physics and philosophy, but most importantly music; for the patterns in music and all the arts are the key to learning.” – Plato.

With the arrival of Teacher Elliot in December, music classes have resumed and the Khmer interest and talent in music has surfaced on Koh Rong.

FoKR’s current music program includes guitar lessons, weekly jam sessions, and preparation for performances. (Soon the students will share their new skills with the village.) Teacher Elliot has added light to the lives of many children in Koh Tuch, through the engagement of musical education; learning new instruments, singing new songs, and building excitement for future performances. Thank you Teacher Elliot!


The new instruments and funding for this program was made possible by the Jesse Morris Band. Jesse was FoKR’s first music teacher in 2013, who had a great connection with both the students and the island. We are incredibly grateful that he has helped to sustain music education on Koh Rong, by donating proceeds from the band’s album sales. This music program is slowly evolving into something amazing! There is so much creative energy within Khmer culture, and the music program is opening a positive space for that creativity to flourish. With the remainder of these funds, FoKR is now focused on getting more artists and musicians from around Cambodia to visit Koh Rong so that they can share their talents with the students.

Described as “Conscious Blues Roots & Reggae Music,” and now touring Australia, listen to this single, co-written with Eliza, and support the FoKR music program here:


jesse koh rong

Jesse teaches 15 year old Sanit guitar, almost three years ago. Sanit still plays guitar today.