After one on one term level-testing with each student, FoKR teachers are very proud of everyone’s hard work. Their were a few exceptional students who leveled-up, and are now studying with classmates 2-3 years older. They were initially nervous to begin but, have been well-received and are excelling at the challenge.





In addition to students climbing levels, a few new classes have been added to the schedule. With the soaring increase of teenager and adult attendance, two classes are offered in the evenings for both beginner and advanced levels. The hottest TOPIC on the island however, is the “Topics” class, lead by Teacher Sambath, engaging the older students in debates and formal presentations. This is a skill many of the students are unfamiliar with, and they all seem to love the pressure of public speaking!


And it’s back to ABC’s! A huge thank you to our staff – the teachers, director and nurse – who have recruited the pre-school children, met with parents, and started the “Plankton Class.” This morning class is for the large group of 4-6 year old’s, who will begin with the alphabet and classroom discipline. Starting education at a young age will have a huge impact on the course of a child’s life, and how they prioritize school.