We just joined the FoKR family! After a short period of time, we have both fallen in love with the island and all of the local people. However, as the island continues to develop, it is evident that the need for FoKR and their role in the community is of high importance. Travelling from Canada and Australia, we wanted to help by assisting with English classes and various activities.  

   An average day as a volunteer with FoKR includes assisting three classes, varying in age and academic levels. The classes vary from simple ABC’s, to complex conversational skills. These classes are always cheerful and the students are so eager to learn, which makes teaching that much more enjoyable! 

   Between classes, there is spare time for volunteers to spend in the library, reading stories and doing arts and crafts with the younger children. 

   Meals are often cooked and shared as a family in the FoKR house, meaning there is a close relationship between volunteers and teaching staff. 


   Additionally, there is opportunity for students and volunteers to spend time together outside of the classroom. An example of this is the Beach Clean! 
Every Saturday at 2pm, the students, teachers and volunteers clean the beach, sharing the effort to maintain an environment awareness. It is a very fun afternoon, ending in a swim in the ocean and games on the sand! 

   We are so grateful to be a part of the FoKR family and having the opportunity now to call Koh Rong our second home! 

With love, 
Amelia and Bronwyn