Over the years, Friends of Koh Rong has hosted an amazing crew of volunteers from all corners of the earth. Each and every individual has had an impact on both the organisation and our beneficiaries, and we are forever grateful for their work. Many have gone on the become lifelong supporters after their time on the island, and help remotely with fundraising and raising awareness.

We believe that our local staff are the best people to be running Friends of Koh Rong, but sometimes they can do with an extra pair of hands. Our most successful volunteers come with a wealth of knowledge and/or experience, and in their time on the island help our staff to develop their skills. This means that when they leave, their work will have a lasting impact.

Some of the roles that our volunteers usually work in:

  • Teacher Development
  • Curriculum Development
  • Educational Specialists
  • Project Management
  • Organisational Development
  • Medical Training and Workshops
  • Administration

We require volunteers to commit to a minimum two month stay. This allows volunteers the chance to develop better relationships, and to achieve set goals. Volunteers are also expected to cover their own costs, however we do work with local businesses to keep costs as low as possible. By covering their own costs, our volunteers enable the work that we do to continue, and project funding to be allocated directly to our work.

To see our volunteers in action, view the gallery on our Facebook page.


Email us with what position you are interested in, when you would like to volunteer and for how long, this makes it easier for our staff and ensures you with a quicker response.

Please note –  Wifi on Koh Rong is sporadic at the best of times so please allow a week for responses to volunteer enquires.