Magic pours over me.
Surrounded by pure love, beauty and happiness,
All its amazing wonders
That make me whole,
And keep me grounded.
Love that can never be broken,
That I can’t get enough of,
Deep in my core.
Providing me with fire and inspiration
It keeps me sane to know,
That throughout it all,
In the end..
Love is all.

This July/August I returned to Koh Rong for two months to see some familiar faces, assist in FoKRs development and recruit some new, passionate individuals to FoKRs ever-growing Khmer team. Over the two months I spent there, I was both enriched and amazed by the amazing work and progress that had been maintained in the year after leaving. There were never any doubts in my mind of what every passionate member was capable of, but my expectations were exceeded entirely. To see, not only inspired staff, but inspired children, with strong English skills and life knowledge, was something I have yet to witness in Cambodia. With little resources and the constant pressure of development on the chaotic island, these people have done fabulous work. Bun Te, paving the way and directing the community towards a positive path, Reaksmey, working to his fullest with the kind, open heart he has, and Ranee teaching classes about gender equality, constantly challenging her students to be the best… I felt proud, inspired. And when it was time to leave, I felt that these amazing people, along with our newest staff members Reasmey and Chanthan, have ensured that the future for FoKR is brighter than ever.

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