Reaksmey has now been with FoKR for exactly one year, and we cannot thank him enough for his dedication to education on Koh Rong. Reaksmey teaches students of all ages, from 5 to 45! Aside from English, he teaches Computer classes, and Library sessions.


When asked, “Why do you enjoy teaching,” he responded, “I like teaching because it is important for me to help kids. I need to share my knowledge with the kids, as best as I possibly can. I want to see the kids do well, with a better education in the present, and in the future. This way, they can have freedom to choose what they want from life.”

Born in Kampong Chhnang, in the peaceful country-side of Cambodia, Koh Rong can seem hectic and city-like in comparison. When asked, “What do you like about Koh Rong?” Reaksmey said, “My favorite part about living here is sharing what I know with the children. I like showing them the right way, to attend class every day, to listen to your parents and teachers, and to complete homework. Education is the key to bringing a bright future for the kids, and an end to poverty for the next generation.”





Te has been a teacher with FoKR since day one of classes. Sixteen months ago he progressed to the Director role of the organization. Growing up in Sihanoukville, he was surrounded by children not enrolled in school, as they spent their time selling bracelets to tourists, or collecting cans on the beach.

When asked about the importance of education in Cambodia, his thoughts went directly to the genocide. “Education is important for all the kids around the world, especially in places recovering from war. To start fresh and reach a better life, a healthier life, and a life filled with opportunity, they need to go to school.”

After witnessing first hand how tourism can effect children and families unprepared for this change of lifestyle, Te began working with other foreigners to enroll several street children in school. He does not want to see the island children selling on the beach. “It is important for them to live at home and stay in school, to avoid working on the beach, selling things, picking up rubbish..which can lead to a bad future, prostitution or use of drugs. I am proud to share my knowledge with the kids, and work with Friends of Koh Rong, so the kids here can have a life with freedom.”

nye te